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LeCOMTE  Photography 

Give yourself permission to step forward

Fill your life with photos you

Gloria specializes in portraiture. You can usually find her shooting photographs in her studio or somewhere outdoors in the Mojave Desert.


She believes a photo session should be a memorable experience.  Each photoshoot is unique and catered to individual clients.     

When you come in to be photographed, Gloria will not dictate your session by the hour or limit your outfit changes.  When you hire her, she is dedicating her full attention on you.  


"I seriously love them all. I have been telling women about my awesome experience"

Liz  / Hair and Makeup artist  / Salon owner

"Thank you again, you have recorded my family's history at a time in my life that is deeply significant. I love your beautiful caring compassionate life energy"

Darla / Management / Medical Provider

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Victorville, California  |  Tel: 760-221-3169

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