Let's talk about your





How would you like to be photographed?  Glamorous, with hair and makeup, beaded dress?  Or would you prefer to wear something less formal, like the perfect black dress?  Maybe the best fitting jeans and cute top? Perhaps you're feeling more daring and would like to be photographed in a boudoir style?  



Is this experience just for yourself or would you like to have someone in the photos with you? Mom, sister, daughter, best friend?  So many things to think about, but we can customize your session and make sure it's perfect.  

Where would you like to be photographed?  Do you prefer my studio or an outdoor location?  It's completely up to you.  We can stay near by or we can designate a beautiful place like the beach or mountains.  Location shoots further than 50 miles require a travel fee of $200.  

Your studio session will require a $300 deposit to reserve your date.  Wall portraits start at $175.  





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